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GBS Battery

GBS is one of the earliest lithium battery manufacturers in China with qualifications in the fields of electric vehicles, mining, communications, and ships.

GBS has a very strong R&D team. In 2011, GBS cooperated with CAE Academician Zhang Ze to build an academician workstation, an academician innovation team, and more than 20 professional and technical personnel. Correspondingly, GBS has developed 40 battery cells for different needs. According to the requirements of the project, they can match the most suitable battery cell capacity and performance, and design them into the most reasonable functional products.

Batteries: GBS self-produced batteries, realizing the technology chain from batteries to battery pack solutions, and developing customized solutions to meet customer needs. Whole-process quality control, stable and reliable supply chain.

For modules/BMS: The modules and components are installed in a sturdy package, which may include an air or water cooling system. The battery management system and switch box are also integrated in the battery pack, ensuring a complete technology chain from battery to battery pack.

For battery packs: battery packs are suitable for environmental conditions required by different systems or any application: trains, buses, ships and other electric vehicles; industrial; and power grids and microgrids.

For the final product: According to different application, environment and functional requirements and other factors, after the engineer's perfect design, the battery pack is then assembled, connected and packaged to form the final product.

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