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8pcs 300Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 batteries ship to HongKong

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I have a nice memory of our meeting in Shenzhn with LFP Battery Elsa and a beautiful impression of your growing company.We both are straightforward and honest people and this is the most important value,so i am sure we can

—— Palombo from Italy

LFP Battery is the partner that i have replied one for years. Some other suppliers change sales quickly but LFP Battery not.

—— Adam from USA


8pcs 300Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 batteries ship to HongKong

On May 18th, we had the pleasure of serving a valued customer from Hong Kong, China. 

The customer initially inquired about purchasing 8 pcs of TSWB-LYP100AHA LiFeYPO4 batteries. 

During the course of the inquiry, the customer also expressed interest in TS-LP12V40Ah and TS-LP12V90Ah lifepo4 battery packs

After discussing our recommendations, the customer ultimately decided to purchase 8 pcs of the TSWB-LYP300AHA 300Ah lifepo4 battery cells.

Here is the specification of TSWB-LYP300AHA LiFeYPO4 Battery cell: 

parameters of tswb-lyp300aha lifeypo4 battery cell

Thunderday Winston Batteries stands as a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, catering to diverse applications such as electric vehicles, solar power plants, energy storage systems, and marine energy storage projects. As an official distributor and technical support center, Evlithium extends its services to Europe, North America, and Australia, providing seamless support and localized assistance. We are the esteemed partner of choice for Thunderday Winston's LiFePO4 batteries, taking pride in offering exceptional sales, technical support, and shipping services.

packing details of TSWB-LYP300AH lifepo4 battery cells

Our high-power Winston Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, ranging from 40Ah to 1000Ah, are specifically engineered to meet the demands of electric vehicles and energy storage applications. Renowned for their performance and reliability, Winston batteries have established themselves as one of the finest Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries available in the market.

Thank you for choosing Evlithium as your trusted partner for cutting-edge battery solutions. We look forward to serving you with the highest quality products and unparalleled support.

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