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BAK the capacity ceiling again! BAK battery 21700-5.3Ah cell put into market

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BAK the capacity ceiling again! BAK battery 21700-5.3Ah cell put into market

Recently, BAK Battery announced that its 21700-5.3Ah battery cells had been put on the market and entered the stage of small batch promotion for customers. At present, customers have completed testing and evaluation, with good performance feedback, and are expected to achieve batch supply next year. Following the announcement of mass production and application of 21700-5.0Ah at the beginning of the year, BAK will again refresh the capacity limit of domestic 21700 cells in the year, opening a new pattern of mass production of domestic 21700 cells.

It is reported that the BAK21700-5.3Ah battery cell will take high-end smart home and high-end two wheel electric vehicle as the main application fields in the future to promote the continuous upgrading of terminal experience.

The advanced product development mode has enabled BAK to continue to lead the industry in product performance, especially in the field of small power. In recent two years, breaking the capacity limit of domestic small cylinder battery cells has become the "normal operation" of BAK batteries.

Last year, BAK Battery announced the introduction of 18650-3350mAh cells and 18650-350mAh cells, which twice broke the capacity limit of 18650 cells in China.

Continuously explore the extreme performance of the cell

Behind the continuous exploration of the extreme performance of the battery cell is BAK's deep insight into terminal demand and market prediction. Driven by the 5G era, the demand for smart terminals continues to surge, and the field of smart home alone has generated a trillion level consumption potential.

According to the data released by IDC, the global shipment of smart home will continue to grow from 2017 to 2021, and the global shipment of smart home devices will reach 896 million units in 2021. According to the data released by JD, the turnover of 20 categories, including 3D face recognition smart locks and smart doors, increased more than 5 times on a year-on-year basis during the Double 11 Festival this year. Among the offline data of Suning E-shop, the number of smart homes on the Double 11 Festival increased by 153% on a month on month basis. According to the prediction of China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the scale of China's smart home market will reach 651.56 billion yuan in 2022.

The accelerated release of the trillion potential of smart home industry is a rare opportunity for enterprises in the industrial chain. For lithium battery enterprises, intelligent terminals constantly bring forth new ideas, and personalized settings and intelligent innovation also need strong battery cell performance support.


High end smart home application experience reaches a new level

BAK battery 21700-5.3Ah cell will drive terminal applications, especially high-end smart home application experience to a new level.

It is understood that the BAK21700-5.3Ah cell uses a high nickel+silicon cathode system. The application of positive and negative electrode materials has been further innovated and upgraded. The use of positive electrode materials has broken through the bottleneck again, increasing the content of Ni (nickel) to Ni90, while reducing the content of Co (cobalt). The negative electrode material uses high first effect silicon to achieve the matching of positive and negative electrode efficiency, further improving the cost performance of the cell.

On this basis, the BAK21700-5.3Ah cell maintains a long cycle life of 800 weeks while maintaining high capacity. It has a wide temperature range of - 20 ℃~60 ℃ and high safety and reliability, and has excellent comprehensive performance.

The new changes in the living environment have pushed high-end smart home into the fast lane of development. In order to let consumers better feel the infinite charm of future technology, smart terminals are continuously evolving and upgrading. For BAK battery, the new chapter of smart home cannot be separated from the uncompromising "core" breakthrough of lithium battery enterprises for terminal experience.

BAK21700-5.3Ah battery cell is a milestone product of BAK21700 series battery cells. BAK will also successively develop higher capacity 21700 series battery cells of 5.5Ah, 5.8Ah and 6.0Ah to enable smart life aesthetics with stronger power!

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