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Limitations and Applications of LiFPO4 Batteries

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Limitations and Applications of LiFPO4 Batteries

LPF has a lot of functionality and doesn’t incline to self-combustion. These batteries are more stable and safe as compared to other batteries. LPF (Lithium iron phosphate) has a long life cycle, making lithium iron phosphate batteries more suitable for deep cycle applications.

Here you can learn about some limitations and applications of LPF batteries.

The LiFePO4 Limitations

Lithium-ion batteries are among the most trusted and high-performance batteries and a good choice for everyday use. You can use lithium in solar batteries, marine batteries, watches, smartphones, and electric car batteries. LFP is also named Li-phosphate, and lithium iron phosphate and low resistance properties can increase the safety and thermal stability of LPF batteries.

Some limitations of LPF batteries are as follows.

1: The life Span of The LFP Battery Pack is Short

The life span of the LiFePO4 battery pack is short compared to a single lithium battery. A single lithium iron phosphate has a long life span of at least 2500 times, while a battery pack lifespan is about 500 times.

2: Poor Conductivity & Performance at Low Temperature

You can notice that at low-temperature, battery performance is not so good. Except for these, you may find poor conductivity, low specific charge capacity, and slow lithium diffusion compared to other batteries.

3: Low Nominal Voltage & Ageing Effects

LPF battery has low nominal voltage, which can be a reason for reducing specific energy. You can find high self-discharging in LPF compared to other Li-ion batteries. This self-charging may be a cause of balancing issues of aging.

4: Low Production Yield & Consistency

The LPF has poor processing performance of electrodes, and synthesis costs are high for LPF batteries. This poor performance is the low production rate and high price. These LFP batteries also have poor product consistency due to complex heterogeneous reactions, and this reaction happens with iron oxides, lithium salt, and carbon processor.

Some Uses/Applications of LPF Batteries

1: Flexible & Safe Batteries

LPF batteries are flexible and safe and have no harmful material. If you require high energy density and a secure battery, LPF is an intelligent choice for you. These batteries don’t explode in traffic accidents and have been tested for safety.

These batteries can use for playground equipment and monitoring devices. These batteries can be a solution to energy needs without any limitations.

2: Long Cycle Time & Stability

With a dedicated charger, LPF batteries can fully charge in 40 minutes at 1.50C. These batteries have up to 10,000 cycles, while other batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, have at least 300-500 processes before falling. LPF can store a large amount of energy and last for a long time. We can find LPF more stable, and this feature makes LPT suitable for deep cycles, garbage trucks, scissor lifts, and small electric vehicles applications.

3: Limitless Uses

You can see the use of LPF in various industries, such as:

  • Golf carts & Cleaning vehicles

  • Electric wheelchairs & Chainsaw

  • Lawnmowers & Power tools

  • Large electric vehicles & Electric drill

  • The Windpower energy storage equipment

  • Emergency light & UPS


Lithium iron phosphate is a natural mineral and belongs to the Olivine family. Although it has some limitations and drawbacks, it has gained significant market importance because of its thermal stability, low cost, non-toxicity, safety, and electrochemical performance.

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