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June power lithium battery ranking: CATL market share over half again

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June power lithium battery ranking: CATL market share over half again

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's qualified production data, 91,326 new energy vehicles were produced in June 2020, up 21.4% from the previous year. According to the statistical measurement of the First Electric Research Institute, the installed capacity of power lithium-ion batteries in June 2020 was about 4.7GWh, down 28.94% year-on-year, narrowing by about 10 percentage points compared to last month, and up 33.8% on the ring side.

Pure electric vehicle models installed 4.36GWh in June, accounting for 92.7%, plug-in hybrid models installed 339.85MWh and fuel-powered lithium battery models installed 3.52MWh.

June power lithium battery ranking: catl's market share over half again

Installation Structure

In terms of vehicle segmentation, 58,332 pure electric passenger cars were produced in June, with 2.92GWh installed, accounting for 62.1% of total installed capacity, down approximately 8 percentage points from the previous month. The second-ranked support market was the pure electric bus market, whose installed capacity also rose to 966.9MWh, accounting for 20.6% of the total installed capacity, due to a 99.5% jump in production year-on-year.

For pure electric special purpose vehicles and plug-in passenger cars, production in June was 7,966 and 20,359 units respectively, with installed capacity of 472.1MWh and 332.1MWh respectively.

The amount of ternary materials installed in June was 2.92GWh, up 10.6% sequentially. Passenger cars accounted for 98.2% of the total, with ternary material piggybacking accounting for 62.1% of the total piggyback volume, down about 13 percentage points from the previous month. Lithium-iron phosphate ion batteries carried a total of 1.66 GWh in June, up 108.1% sequentially, and their share of the monthly installed base also rose to 35.4%. The installed base of LiFePO4 batteries in passenger cars, buses and special purpose vehicles rose by 143.0%, 109.8% and 86.0%, respectively, sequentially.

Company Performance

June power lithium battery ranking: catl's market share over half again

The market share of the top three companies in terms of installed base in June was 50.04%, 14.71% and 11.35% respectively, with the Top 10 battery companies contributing a combined 92.78% of the installed base.

CATL installed 2.35GWh in June, up 46.2% YoY, with a market share of over half again. If we add in the shares of Era SSE, Jiangsu Era and Dongfeng Era, CATL's installed capacity was 2.44GWh, and its market share rose to 51.9%.

The second-ranked LG Chemical in addition to continue to supply batteries to Tesla Model 3, in June began to carry on SAIC VELITE7, a total of 63 units installed, the installed capacity of 3502.8KWh.

GOTION, on the other hand, achieved a high increase of 69.5% in total installed capacity, ranking fifth, thanks to the uptake of a number of models in the passenger car segment, including Maple Leaf, Changan Automobile and Wuling Hongguang.

In June, the production of new energy passenger cars, buses and special purpose vehicles rose by 15.4%, 79.2% and 79.7% YoY respectively, so the total installed base also went up.

June power lithium battery ranking: catl's market share over half again

As the leading company, CATL installed 1,351.2MWh in passenger cars in June, up 22.3% year-on-year, supplying 36 passenger car companies with 73 models. From the perspective of installed capacity, Azera ES6, Ola R1, Azera ES8, RISO ONE and SAIC CLEVER were the top 5 models in June, accounting for 14.3%, 6.6%, 6.6%, 6.3% and 4.9% of Ningde Times' total installed capacity in passenger cars, with a cumulative share of 38.7% for the five models.

From a vehicle company perspective, Azera remains the largest customer in the CATL passenger car segment in June, with a total installed base of 282.5MWh, accounting for 20.9%. The following companies, Great Wall Motor, Wima Auto, RISO Auto and BAIC New Energy, contributed 7.2%, 6.7%, 6.3% and 6.1% of CATL's installed base in passenger cars respectively.

For passenger cars, CATL installed 720MWh in June, a 117.3% jump from the previous year. Important supporting vehicle enterprises are Zhengzhou Yutong, Shanghai Shenwo and Xiamen Golden Dragon, the three accounted for 28.4%, 17.3% and 11.2% of Ningde Times' bus installed capacity respectively.

For BYD, the passenger cars, apart from its own use, were also assembled for three models of Jinkang Ruiqi ER3, Jinkang Celis SF5 and Changan Ford (CAF6461A62PHEV), with 104, 97 and 3 units installed respectively.

The important BYD models fitted were BYD Qin EV, BYD e2 and BYD Yuan EV, with 138.9MWh, 45.6MWh and 38MWh installed respectively. no output from BYD Han in June.

For passenger cars, all BYD models were self-owned, with 556 units produced in June, carrying 169.9MWh.

June power lithium battery ranking: catl's market share over half again

CALB, on the other hand, with the uptake of Guangzhou Auto New Energy AionV, Jin Kang Auto Scenery E3 and Changan Ben Ben E-Star, the installed base of passenger vehicles rose 23.7% YoY, ranking fourth with 274.1MWh piggyback volume, up 24.7% YoY.

Halfway through 2020, the cumulative installed base of the power lithium-ion battery market fell by 41.7% in the first half of the year compared to the same period last year, narrowing the decline by 12 percentage points compared to the cumulative situation in the first quarter.

In the market pattern, compared to the same period last year, there has also been a major change, the power lithium-ion battery market was once the "eight-two" pattern officially announced the end of the new "seven-three" pattern has been formed.

It can be seen that BYD's market share in the first half of this year is rapidly declining, from 24.6% in the same period last year to 14.2%. LG Chem is taking advantage of Tesla's "big ship" installed capacity "rocketing up", with 2.53GWh in the first half of this year The installed base in the first half of this year was 2.53GWh, taking 14.4% of the market share and overtaking BYD to rank second.

CATL, the top-ranked company, still holds a 49% market share, despite a cumulative year-on-year decline of 37.9%, and still has a clear advantage. In the passenger car market, Ningde Times installed 5.65GWh in the first half of this year, accounting for 65.9% of its total installed capacity.

CALB, which did not enter the Top 10 in the same period last year, overtook GOTION to become the second tier "front runner" so far this year with the uptake of Guangzhou Auto New Energy AionS and Changan Benben E-Star. However, from June, GOTION started to supply batteries for the "miracle car" Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, and it is believed that GOTION's installed base will increase to a certain extent as the production of this car rises. However, due to the small capacity of this vehicle, the overall installed capacity of GOTION may not be affected to a great extent.

June power lithium battery ranking: catl's market share over half again

With July approaching and the market steadily recovering, we will keep an eye on how the new models will move the power lithium-ion battery market again.

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