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BAK Battery releases new generation 21700 full-lug series small power battery

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BAK Battery releases new generation 21700 full-lug series small power battery

On March 27, BAK Battery released a new generation of all-pole series small power battery products, taking into account the series configuration of high power and high capacity, targeting the three major market segments of smart life, power tools, and micro-transportation, and solving the problem of smart terminals. Shortcomings such as insufficient battery life, insufficient power, and slow charging help comprehensively upgrade the user experience. This new product adopts the same full-lug design as the large cylindrical battery to explore new ways to improve the high-power performance of lithium batteries.

BAK Battery has focused on the research and development of cylindrical lithium batteries for more than 20 years, and has developed three generations of small power batteries. Different from the traditional single-pole lug structure of the first generation and the bipolar lug structure of the second generation, BAK's third-generation small power battery adopts an all-lug design, showing high power, low internal resistance, low temperature rise, fast charging, and long battery life. Six characteristics of cycle and high capacity, the maximum charging current is increased to 5C, the maximum discharge current is increased to 25C, and the operating temperature is expanded to -40℃~80℃, which solves the pain point of high internal resistance of the traditional structure of cylindrical batteries and reduces the charging waiting time. , durable and suitable for more scenarios.


The three new products released by BAK this time accurately solve the pain points of market segments with different characteristics. INR21700-40D is designed to cope with the most demanding professional-grade power tool application scenarios. It has a higher charge and discharge rate, reaching 100A continuous discharge and 140A pulse discharge. It can be fully charged in 12 minutes and has a lifespan of up to 600 weeks. Compared with traditional 4.0Ah power tool lithium batteries, the internal resistance is reduced by 80%, the discharge current is increased by 120%, and the cycle life is increased by 140%.

INR21700-45D serves consumer electronics such as smart cleaning tools and micro-mobility application scenarios such as household power tools and electric motorcycles. It takes into account high capacity and high power performance to achieve improved battery life and increased energy utilization. It can sustainably discharge 70A and has an internal resistance of only 3.4mΩ, fully charged in 15 minutes, easily cope with various smart life scenarios.

INR21700-50D is prepared for electric motorcycles adapted to special scenes such as beaches, bushes, and professional racing tracks. It has a higher capacity of 5.0Ah, sustainable 60A discharge, and 100A pulse discharge to meet the long battery life of high-speed electric motorcycles and instantaneous high-current acceleration. needs; supports ultra-low temperature -40°C discharge; 3.6mΩ internal resistance achieves efficient heat dissipation and can charge 80% in 15 minutes, accelerating the electrification of the micro-transportation field and achieving worry-free travel.


Based on the three new products in the full series, BAK Battery will make efforts in both the professional and consumer markets at the same time, continue to broaden and deepen the breadth and depth of the industry, and bring continuously refreshing user experience to end users.

Song Huajie, head of small power product development of BAK Battery, said: "BAK Battery has always maintained a keen insight into market changes, and the technology-empowered lifestyle has allowed terminal equipment driven by electric energy to enter every corner of life. In the future, Mobile smart terminal devices with stronger computing power and richer functions will be used more in our daily lives. As one of the core components, lithium-ion batteries’ performance determines the “form” of smart terminal products and the usage scenarios. "Border". The release of this new generation of all-lug series small power batteries is not only a strong proof of Bik's battery technology strength, but also our use of technological innovation to empower more extreme scene needs, once again adding value to market applications and terminal experience    determination.

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