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BAK announces mass production of N21700CH-58E battery cells offline

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BAK announces mass production of N21700CH-58E battery cells offline

2023 is the year when China's new energy batteries will "roll" to new heights. Domestic battery companies will grow steadily, technology will continue to iterate, and product innovation will continue. Entering the new year, the lithium battery market continues to be hot. It is estimated that China's lithium battery market shipments will exceed 1,100GWh in 2024, a year-on-year increase of more than 27%, officially entering the TWh era; China's digital battery shipments will exceed 50GWh in 2024, a year-on-year increase of more than 3%, benefiting from the decline in product prices , the lithium battery market for small power will achieve a growth of more than 15%.

At the beginning of the new year, BAK fired the first shot of "involution" and announced that its N21700CH-58E high-capacity lithium battery cell was off the production line. Following the announcement of the mass production of its 21700-5.5Ah battery cell, the battery performance has reached a new height. Once again Achieve capacity breakthroughs and continue to develop the small power market with advanced layout.


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In the R&D and production of 21700, BAK has always maintained advanced layout and technological leadership, continuously breaking through the 21700 battery cell capacity ceiling, and successively released and mass-produced 21700-5.0Ah, 21700-5.3Ah, 21700-5.5Ah battery products. Continuous innovative research and development on the four key materials and structural design of negative electrode, separator and electrolyte, BAK 21700 cylindrical battery performance has always led the industry, with high energy density, long cycle life, high rate, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability and Six features of high security.

Like other products in the same series, the BAK N21700CH-58E battery cell uses a high nickel + silicon anode system, which can achieve a wide temperature range discharge of -20°C to +70°C. It can meet the needs of normal use in extreme environments and has undergone overcharging, It has undergone rigorous performance tests such as over-discharge, short circuit, drop, heating, vibration, and extrusion. It has high safety and reliability and is suitable for multiple application scenarios with high capacity requirements, including electric two-wheelers, electric scooters, electric balancing vehicles, etc. Applications in the travel field, and smart life application scenarios such as sweeping robots, smart speakers, smart robots, and portable energy storage.

Faced with overcapacity caused by the rapid growth of the industry, product breakthroughs and technologies that are ahead of market demand play a key role. Li Fengmei, Vice President of BAK, said that only by improving internal capabilities and improving product capabilities can companies cope with the energy transition and achieve comprehensive development. For BAK, starting from terminal experience, there are no limits to innovation and development.

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