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Batteries also have a shelf life. Did you know that?

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Batteries also have a shelf life. Did you know that?

Everyone knows that food, medicine, etc. have an expiration date. Did you know that batteries also have an expiration date?

Nowadays, electronic digital products have become more and more inseparable assistants in people's life, work, and entertainment. However, consumers do not know much about choosing power batteries for electronic and digital products. To this end, experts related to the Duracell brand of Procter & Gamble remind consumers that batteries also have a shelf life. Consumers must check the production date when purchasing and using them. Dead batteries may appear weak or even dead when they are used.

"I always thought that batteries are like home appliances. As long as they are not opened, they are new, but I don't know if they have a shelf life." Mr. Yang said. In addition, many citizens reported that many shopping malls and supermarkets would carry out large-pack battery promotions, which often appear in a group of 8 or 12 cells, and a unified promotional package covers the appearance, so it is difficult to know the production date. Consumers tend to ignore the identification of the production date unknowingly.

"Generally speaking, the shelf life of ordinary alkaline batteries is 3 years, and the shelf life of brand batteries is slightly longer. For this reason, consumers should look for brand batteries when purchasing batteries and should also pay attention to the production date and shelf life of batteries. The battery produced." According to battery-related experts, the battery undergoes a chemical reaction through its internal positive and negative electrodes. Because of the presence of trace impurity elements in the positive and negative electrodes, chemical reactions occur all the time, consuming active substances, and the battery is stored for a long time. If the active material is reduced, the capacitance will drop, and the weak or no electricity we see will appear.

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