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CALB brings the first mass produced 314Ah energy storage product to All-Energy

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CALB brings the first mass produced 314Ah energy storage product to All-Energy

On October 25th, Beijing time, the world-renowned energy storage exhibition All-Energy was grandly held in Australia. Following the debut of the world's first mass-produced 314Ah energy storage product at the Re+ exhibition in the United States, CALB brought a number of large-scale power, industrial and commercial, household storage and marine applications. Core products and solutions for energy storage application scenarios were unveiled in Melbourne. 

world-renowned energy storage exhibition All-Energy

After the Re+ exhibition in the United States received enthusiastic attention from industry users, experts and media, CALB continued to bring its products to the Australian market.

Facing the fields of large-scale electric power and large-scale industrial commercial energy storage, based on the CALB battery L173 product platform, the 280Ah battery cell was upgraded to a 314Ah energy storage dedicated Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery without changing the size and specifications, and successfully achieved the world's first mass production delivery. After that, the company is developing a 20-foot liquid-cooled 5.016MWh product for power station-level energy storage systems. Compared with the previous generation product, the volume energy density of this system has increased by 34%, and it adopts intelligent configuration adjustment and advanced thermal management strategies, which can reduce self-consumption by 20%; through high-efficiency thermal management technology, in conjunction with the new generation The energy storage 314Ah battery cell can increase the system's available power rate by 5%, increase the system's life to more than 12,000 times, and reduce the cost of electricity by more than 15%.


calb battery

The CALB industrial and commercial energy storage system solution adopts a single cabinet solution to avoid circulation problems; it integrates CALB's highly stable and customizable lifepo4 battery, and the service life of the whole machine is up to 15 years; multi-level protection such as partition safety isolation and active safety early warning unit; A single cabinet can integrate PCS and EMS; a single cabinet can be liquid-cooled up to 373kWh, air-cooled up to 215kWh, low loss, system charge and discharge efficiency 95%, up to 1P charge and discharge, supports peak load regulation, harmonic control, and some scenery high-performance application scenarios such as integrated storage. It can be widely used in high-speed service areas, charging stations, large supermarkets, government buildings and industrial parks, etc.

CALB industrial and commercial energy storage system solution


As a solution for household electricity peak-shaving and valley-filling, CALB Household has launched a variety of long-life products such as 100Ah, 72Ah, 54Ah, etc. The energy storage system is fully modular to facilitate capacity expansion, and a 5kWh scalable customized solution is launched according to customer needs, reducing customers’ electricity bills while matching customers’ optimal purchase costs; using a high-security fire protection system, which is environmentally friendly and safe, taking into account thermal runaway cooling and suppressing re-ignition, providing comprehensive protection for user safety; the user interaction interface is equipped with a digital screen, and is friendly to connect with the App The operation interface facilitates users to receive battery operating status monitoring, SOC and warning information in real time; the overall solution comes with a 10-year warranty, giving users peace of mind.


CALB will make its greatest contribution to creating a harmonious, symbiotic, green and sustainable energy ecology and a better future for mankind through a full-scenario energy storage product matrix and continuous innovative technological strength!

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