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CATL Shenxing super-chargeable battery released overseas, CATL helps Europe fully electrify

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CATL Shenxing super-chargeable battery released overseas, CATL helps Europe fully electrify

On September 4, the 2023 German International Automobile and Smart Mobility Expo (IAA MOBILITY 2023) was officially launched in Munich. CATL participated in the exhibition with its products and application solutions, and grandly released the world's first 4C supercharged battery using lithium iron phosphate material and capable of supporting mass production in Europe - Shenxing Supercharged Battery.


 Mathias Huettenrauch, President of CATL Europe

*Mathias Huettenrauch, President of CATL Europe, delivered a speech at the European launch of Shenxing Super Charge Battery



At the exhibition, CATL showed visitors products such as sodium-ion batteries, M3P battery, condensed matter batteries, Kirin batteries, and Shenxing supercharged batteries, as well as solutions for different scenarios such as EVOGO battery swap and Qiji battery swap. Among them, Shenxing supercharged batteries and M3P batteries both made their debut overseas. As the world's first power battery to achieve 4C overcharge on lithium iron phosphate material, Shenxing Overcharge Battery attracted much attention at the scene.


Overcharging and rapid energy replenishment for all help Europe become fully electrified


According to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, 31 European countries have registered 1.419 million new energy passenger vehicles this year, a year-on-year increase of 26.8%, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 21.5%. Currently, Europe is accelerating towards full electrification, and the market has shown strong demand for power batteries, especially products with high comprehensive performance. Although Europe is gradually solving the problem of electric vehicle range anxiety by comprehensively promoting the construction of charging stations and shortening the distance between charging stations, the problem of energy replenishment efficiency, especially how to achieve rapid energy replenishment, still needs to be solved urgently.


*Shenxing super-chargeable battery debuts at IAA International Auto Show 

*Shenxing super-chargeable battery debuts at IAA International Auto Show


Through continuous innovation in materials, material systems, and system structures, Shenxing supercharged batteries have broken through the performance boundaries of lithium iron phosphate material systems and pioneered the ultra-fast charging speed of "charging in 10 minutes, Shenxing can travel 800 miles", redefining the The introduction of lithium iron phosphate batteries can greatly alleviate European consumers’ energy replenishment anxiety.


At the same time, through structural innovation, intelligent algorithms and other methods, the Shenxing supercharged battery can easily reach a range of more than 700 kilometers. Even in a low temperature environment of -10℃, it can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes. By using improved electrolyte and equipped with high safety The coated separator provides "double insurance" for battery safety. It controls the global temperature field through intelligent algorithms to achieve ultimate safety standards and comprehensively improve the overall performance of lifepo4 battery.


Large-scale mass production and rapid implementation usher in an era of comprehensive overcharging in Europe


At present, CATL has built an R&D center in Europe, invested in two production bases, and built a mature channel network system to achieve localized R&D, localized production, and localized marketing. Relying on CATL's leading extreme manufacturing capabilities, Shenxing supercharged batteries will be quickly launched in Europe, allowing European consumers to drive new energy vehicles equipped with Shenxing supercharged batteries as soon as possible.


 *CATL German production base 

 *CATL German production base


In terms of zero-carbon, CATL released its zero-carbon strategy in April this year, promising to achieve carbon neutrality in core operations by 2025 and carbon neutrality in the value chain by 2035. Through four major innovation systems, CATL has carried out technological carbon reduction at five key nodes and currently has two wholly-owned and one joint venture "zero-carbon factories". At the same time, all valuable metals in batteries are fully recycled, and CATL’s lithium battery recycling scale has ranked first in the world for many years.


In order to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050, the EU is accelerating the transformation of vehicles to electrification. CATL will work hand in hand with global partners to make outstanding contributions to promoting the electrification of automobiles in Europe and even the world.

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