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CATL cooperates with China Lonking - first for the construction machinery industry

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CATL cooperates with China Lonking - first for the construction machinery industry

Recently, CATL officially announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Lonking in Ningde, Fujian. At the same time, the "CATL Inside" logo is on the car again.


According to the agreement, China Lonking will use CATL as its preferred partner for construction machinery power batteries. The two parties will deepen cooperation in the fields of construction machinery development and production, construction machinery power battery development and other fields, jointly develop adapted products and market promotion, jointly explore the new energy construction machinery market, and provide customers in the global construction machinery industry with leading technology and industry competitiveness. Electric products will jointly promote the leapfrog development of both parties' businesses.



After the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement, China Lonking released the new Dragon Year electric loader product with the "CATL inside" logo on the site - the Dragon Year new electric loader. The machine is equipped with the new Dragon Year electric loader developed by CATL specifically for the construction machinery industry. A new generation of power battery products. The release of the new electric loader in the Year of the Dragon is the first launch of this series of products in the industry, and is an important milestone in promoting the electrification development of the construction machinery industry.


This product combines Lonking’s years of experience in traditional loaders and electrification and intelligence technology. The two parties will further jointly market the product in the future.


According to data, as a leading construction machinery manufacturing company in Fujian Province, China Lonking was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005 and ranks among the top 50 construction machinery companies in the world. The company's products cover loaders, excavators, forklifts, skid steer loaders, road rollers and other categories as well as various core parts and components. Among them, the domestic sales volume of loaders ranks among the top in the industry.


CATL said that driven by the "double carbon" strategic goal, as a major energy consumer and a major polluter of carbon emissions, the energy transformation of the construction machinery industry is imminent. With this cooperation, the company will give full play to its leading advantages in new energy core technologies, work with Lonking and global partners to promote the accelerated development and popularization of construction machinery battery technology, and help the construction machinery industry become fully electrified as soon as possible.


Mengshi Technology and CATL signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement in Ningde, Fujian


Battery Network noticed that on January 3, Dongfeng Group’s luxury electric off-road brand Mengshi Technology and CATL signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement in Ningde, Fujian. According to the agreement, CATL will serve as the preferred partner of Mengshi Technology’s power batteries, fully support its vehicle development and production, and provide market-competitive power battery products and services; in addition, the two parties will also cooperate in the development of new battery products, Shenxing We will cooperate closely in multiple dimensions such as supercharged battery applications, technological innovation projects, and marketing promotions to jointly create a new model for cooperation in the new energy vehicle industry. The Mengshi 917 that will be launched later will also be printed with "CATL Inside" on its body. This is also the first million-level electric luxury car to be printed with this logo.


It is reported that in the field of power lithium batteries, CATL has ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years. Industry insiders pointed out that the "CATL Inside" logo on the car may become a new reference standard for consumers to pay, forming a "Look for CATL battery when buying electric vehicles." concept.

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