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First release! Long-life battery specially designed for loaders is delivered!

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First release! Long-life battery specially designed for loaders is delivered!

On April 28, China Lonking held a roll-off ceremony for the first electric loader equipped with CATL's new generation long-life battery at its headquarters in Longyan, Fujian. This was the first launch of a long-life battery dedicated to CATL loaders. Zheng Kewen, Vice President of China Lonking, and Lai Yongjie, Executive President of CATL Commercial Vehicles, attended and witnessed the event.

CATL new generation loader equipped with long-life battery


The construction machinery industry is one of the important areas of CATL's electrification layout. Electric loaders have become the pioneer of electrification transformation in the construction machinery industry with their zero emissions, efficient work, comfort and intelligence, and superior fuel and electricity economy. It is expected that the industry's electric loaders will be the first in 2024. The penetration rate will exceed 20%. Currently, there are more than 10,000 electric loaders equipped with CATL batteries, and more than 300 loaders have a working time of more than 20,000 hours. CATL's battery products have not only withstood the test of harsh working conditions of construction machinery, but also accumulated rich experience and big data resources. Currently, CATL's market share in the loader and construction machinery industry has reached more than 90%.

CATL new generation loader equipped with long-life battery


CATL has been committed to promoting the electrification of the entire industry. The penetration rate of electrification in industries such as construction machinery, heavy trucks, buses, light trucks, two-wheelers, as well as aircraft and ships is constantly increasing, and the demand for power batteries in various industries is also increasing. , so professional development is becoming more and more important. The long-life battery system first launched by China Lonking is a new generation product developed by CATL specifically for the loader market. It has significant improvements over the previous generation in terms of service life, energy density, and response to severe working conditions:


Long life: Using a new generation of long-life batteries, the system life is increased by 60%+ compared with existing products;

High energy: integrated electric box structure + new generation battery core, power increased by 30%+;

High strength + strong anti-corrosion: The structural design of the high-strength electrical box increases the mechanical strength by 1.5 times. It adopts special anti-corrosion material technology and is suitable for a variety of harsh working conditions.


As global electrification enters its second half, CATL will focus on deeply exploring and understanding the needs and pain points of customers in various industries, and giving full play to its own advantages to develop suitable specialized products. Starting from the launch of this long-life battery for loaders, CATL will not only push the commercial vehicle market into the "long-life battery era", but also accelerate the pace of professional product development. Together with partners such as China Lonking, CATL will The market side is moving forward hand in hand to inject surging momentum into the electrification transformation of the construction machinery industry.

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