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The CATL M3P battery is equipped with 6 models

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The CATL M3P battery is equipped with 6 models

On March 5th, Chery officially announced that the Chery EXEED Xingtu Yaoguang C-DM will be officially launched on March 11th.


According to the official website information, Xingtu Yaoguang C-DM will launch four models. Among them, the Long Range Pro and Long Range Max models will be equipped with CATL M3P batteries.


As of now, CATL M3P battery have been installed in 6 models.


Previously, according to the application data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, four models of Chery Star Era ES and Smart World S7 all used ternary lithium-ion+lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries, produced by CATL's wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Overall, the CATL M3P is mainly aimed at mid to high-end models with a long range configuration of over 200000 yuan. Combined with an 800V voltage platform, it can achieve a charging speed of 30% -80% SOC in 15 minutes.


In terms of sales, as of January 2024, the Chery Star Era ES, which was launched two months ago, achieved sales of 1244 units. According to relevant sales personnel, the Chery Star Era ES Changhang version Max model is the most popular; The sales of the Zhijie S7, which has been on the market for three months, are 1503 units.


Due to the limited production capacity of the entire vehicle manufacturing line, it has not been fully released, and the Star Era and Smart World S7 are in a period of increasing sales. But it can be confirmed that the launch and delivery of downstream supporting models are driving the mass production and installation of M3P batteries.


According to the official statement from CATL, the M3P battery is not a traditional manganese iron phosphate lithium battery, but a new type of phosphate based ternary lithium battery.


However, the addition of lithium manganese iron phosphate in M3P batteries has also released a demand for upstream materials of lithium manganese iron phosphate, promoting its commercial application process.


At present, positive electrode material enterprises such as Hunan Yuneng, Defang Nano, and Rongbai Technology have all made production capacity layout in the field of lithium manganese iron phosphate, and have made new progress in the beginning of 2024.


On March 5th, Hunan Yuneng stated in a conference call with institutional investors that the company's research and development of lithium manganese iron phosphate products is progressing smoothly and is currently actively promoting certification with clients.


German Nano stated that it has built a production capacity of 110000 tons of lithium manganese iron phosphate and has achieved commercial application. It has started mass supply and loading, and the shipment volume is gradually increasing according to the rhythm of customer demand.


Rongbai Technology stated that its lithium manganese iron phosphate products have been verified by downstream customers, with a production capacity of 110000 tons of lithium manganese iron phosphate built and commercialized, and have started mass supply and loading; We are currently promoting the 20000 ton/year manganese iron phosphate lithium cathode project in South Korea.


In addition, Rongbai Technology has signed a joint research and development agreement with LGES, and the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in technology development, production and manufacturing, and product sales around materials such as lithium manganese iron phosphate, precursor free cathode materials, and medium nickel high-voltage.

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