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CATL releases condensed matter battery with an energy density of 500Wh/kg!

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CATL releases condensed matter battery with an energy density of 500Wh/kg!

On April 19th, CATL released an innovative and cutting-edge battery technology at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition - Condensed Matter Battery, with a single energy density of up to 500Wh/kg, which creatively achieves both high specific energy and high safety of the battery, and can quickly. The realization of mass production has opened up a new scene of electrification of manned aviation, and continues to lead the industry's technological innovation trend.



Aiming at the electrochemical reaction changes of ultra-high specific energy chemical materials, CATL adopts high-dynamic biomimetic condensed electrolytes to construct a micron-level self-adaptive network structure, adjust the interaction force between chains, and improve the stability of the battery while enhancing the stability of the microstructure. Kinetic performance, improve lithium ion transport efficiency. More importantly, the condensed matter battery also aggregates a series of innovative technologies including ultra-high specific energy positive electrodes, new negative electrodes, separators, and processes, so that it has both excellent charge and discharge performance and high safety performance.


The release of this latest cutting-edge technology has broken through the ceiling that has restricted the development of the battery industry for a long time, and will activate a new electric scene with high safety and lightweight as the core demands. Currently, CATL is cooperating in the development of civil electric manned aircraft projects, implementing aviation-level standards and tests, and meeting aviation-level safety and quality requirements. At the same time, CATL will also launch a vehicle-level application version of condensed matter batteries, which will have mass production capacity within this year.



At the press conference, CATL Chief Scientist Wu Kai said: "Meeting customer needs is the core driving force of CATL's technological innovation." For the electrochemical reaction changes of ultra-high specific energy chemical materials, CATL adopted a high-power bionic condensed matter electrolyte to construct The micron-level self-adaptive network structure can adjust the inter-chain interaction force, while enhancing the stability of the microstructure, it can also improve the battery dynamic performance and improve the lithium ion transport efficiency.


This is an important and huge breakthrough for CATL in batteries. Condensed matter batteries have the characteristics of high safety, strong reliability, and long cycle life


At present, CATL has the most comprehensive battery technology route layout in the world, and has formed a rapid transformation capability from cutting-edge basic research to industrial application, and then to large-scale commercialization. In 2021, CATL will be the first in the world to release the first-generation sodium-ion battery with an energy density of 160Wh/kg. During this auto show, CATL sodium-ion batteries were launched in Chery models for the first time; in 2022, CATL released Kirin batteries. High-end pure electric models landed.

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