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CATL Shanghai Auto Show releases the charm of low-carbon and technology integration

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CATL Shanghai Auto Show releases the charm of low-carbon and technology integration

On April 18, the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition kicked off, and CATL made its debut at the Shanghai International Auto Show with cutting-edge technologies and a full range of products. During the exhibition, CATL released its zero-carbon strategy and condensed matter batteries, and officially announced the application of new products such as 4C Kirin batteries and sodium-ion batteries, which once again demonstrated CATL's continuous innovation capabilities and wide market recognition in the new energy industry.



Cutting-edge innovation opens up global electrification


On April 19th, CATL released the innovative cutting-edge battery technology - condensed matter battery, with a single energy density of up to 500Wh/kg, which creatively achieves both high specific energy and high safety of the battery, and can be mass-produced quickly, opening the door to manned A new scenario for aviation electrification. As the most eye-catching battery technology during this auto show, condensed matter batteries will promote the in-depth development of civil aviation towards electrification and intelligence, and open up a rich imagination space for the future of the industry.


Aiming at the electrochemical reaction changes of ultra-high specific energy chemical materials, CATL adopts high dynamic biomimetic condensed state electrolytes to construct micron-level self-adaptive network structures, adjust the interaction force between chains, and improve the stability of the battery while enhancing the stability of the microstructure. Kinetic performance, improve lithium ion transport efficiency. More importantly, the condensed matter battery also aggregates a series of innovative technologies including ultra-high specific energy positive electrodes, new negative electrodes, separators, and processes, so that it has both excellent charge and discharge performance and high safety performance.


Currently, CATL is cooperating in the development of civil electric manned aircraft projects, implementing aviation-level standards and tests, and meeting aviation-level safety and quality requirements. At the same time, CATL will also launch an automotive-grade application version of condensed matter batteries, which will have mass production capabilities within this year, fully demonstrating the rapid transformation capabilities from technology to products and then to commodities.


Full implementation of advanced technology


Wu Kai, Chief Scientist of CATL, said: "Meeting customer needs is the core driving force of CATL's technological innovation."


During the auto show, advanced technologies such as CATL sodium-ion batteries and Kirin batteries have been applied to the latest models of partners one after another. The diversified technical routes provide customers with the best solutions for all models, helping consumers enjoy green and low-carbon travel.


On April 16, CATL sodium-ion batteries were launched on Chery models for the first time. Sodium-ion batteries break through resource bottlenecks and have the advantages of excellent thermal stability, good low-temperature performance, and high integration efficiency. They complement each other with lithium-ion batteries, providing multiple cost-effective solutions for the market and customers, and will become the most cost-effective in the mainstream market. choose.


On April 18, CATL signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Li Auto, and officially announced the launch of Li Li's first pure electric vehicle with 4C Kirin batteries. Kirin battery's innovative technology and excellent performance help customers' high-end products reach new heights. The new model is equipped with a Kirin battery with 4C ultra-fast charging capability, combined with the ideal 800V high-voltage fast charging pure electric solution, which improves the charging speed while improving energy efficiency, allowing users to obtain higher charging in various environments efficiency and longer range.



Zero Carbon Vision Brings New Opportunities


When carbon neutrality shifts from global consensus to global action, CATL announced its carbon neutral strategy at this auto show: to achieve carbon neutrality in core operations by 2025, and to achieve carbon neutrality in the value chain by 2035. This means that by 2025, CATL's battery factories will all become zero-carbon factories, taking the lead in achieving carbon neutrality in the manufacturing field; carbon neutrality across the entire value chain.


CATL board secretary Jiang Li said: "Zero carbon is a responsibility, a capability, and an opportunity." In 2022, CATL's lithium battery sales will reach 289GW, and the global market share of power batteries and energy storage batteries will be 37% and 43.4% respectively. , CATL carbon neutral plan is the largest carbon neutral action in the lithium battery industry. CATL will release a white paper on carbon neutrality in the future, announcing specific implementation paths and action measures, and is committed to becoming the first global head battery company to achieve carbon neutrality.


At this exhibition, CATL exhibited the phased results of the four major innovation systems of materials and material systems, system structures, green limit manufacturing and business models, including lithium-ion battery family, sodium-ion battery, 12V and 48V batteries, and AB battery system , Kirin battery, power domain control package and other products, and demonstrated the electrification + intelligent full-scenario solutions covering sea, land and air, such as chocolate battery swap blocks and EVOGO swap stations, fully demonstrating the company's leading technology strength and all-round strategy layout. Hand in hand to surpass the future, CATL hopes to contribute more to the high-quality development of the new energy industry together with customers.

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