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CATL shenxing super chargeable battery won AUTOBEST Technology Award

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CATL shenxing super chargeable battery won AUTOBEST Technology Award

On December 15, CATL shenxing super chargeable battery became the first power battery in the global lithium battery industry to win the AUTOBEST Best Technology (TECHNOBEST) Award. CATL became the first and only Chinese company to win the Best Technology Award.

CATL shenxing super chargeable battery


Shenxing super chargeable battery makes super chargeable no longer exclusive to high-end cars.


The awards selected by AUTOBEST represent the vane of the European automobile market and will influence the choices of 750 million European consumers. The Best Technology Award can be called the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe Award" in the European automotive industry. This is a highly credible award under AUTOBEST. It is not set every year. The last time it was awarded was in 2020. This award also has a strict selection process and must meet 13 complex standards. The selection of the award will have great guiding significance for European consumers' car purchasing behavior.


Based on this principle, this award does not select niche products. The award-winning products must be hot-selling in the European market and affordable to the general public. In addition, they must be technologically innovative, safe, environmentally friendly, and versatile.

AUTOBEST Technology Award


Another outstanding feature of this award is that it prefers lack rather than excess. There is only one winning product/individual/company for each award every year. The TECHNOBEST Best Technology Award won by Shenxing Battery this time is one of the AUTOBEST awards. This award is not It is set up every year and is only awarded to the most breakthrough technological innovations in the automotive industry that can be enjoyed by ordinary consumers. It will only be awarded when the technological innovation is significant enough. The last time this award was awarded was 3 years ago in 2020.


In short, the technology that can win this award must have enough technological breakthroughs and benefit the general public. CATL shenxing super chargeable battery is undoubtedly in full compliance with the original intention of this award. In the view of the award organizers, this It is a revolutionary battery that "breaks through the performance upper limit of lithium iron phosphate and leads the innovation of the battery industry" and "will open the new energy super chargeable era."


The organizing committee highly recognized the disruptive innovation of Shenxing Superchargeable Battery: "Shenxing Superchargeable Battery is the world's first battery to achieve 4C overcharging on lithium iron phosphate. It can last 400 kilometers after charging for 10 minutes and can travel on a single full charge. With a range of more than 700 kilometers, it is expected to greatly alleviate users' anxiety about rapid recharge and usher in the era of overcharging for new energy vehicles. Focusing on the nature of electrochemistry, CATL has carried out all-round innovations in materials, material systems, system structures, etc., and creatively launched ultra-fast charging , Shenxing superchargeable battery with both high energy density and high safety level, which transcends the chemical performance boundaries of lithium iron phosphate and will lead the future innovation of the battery industry."


CATL shenxing super chargeable battery

Shenxing Super Chargeable Battery, which was born by achieving technological breakthroughs in lithium iron phosphate, is a super chargeable lifepo4 battery for mainstream users. It focuses on technological equality and "let cutting-edge technology benefit mass users", and is expected to open a new super In the chargeable era, super chargeable will enter the mass car market at a lower price.


Shenxing super chargeable battery breaks through the material limit and becomes the world's first battery to achieve 4C super chargeable on lithium iron phosphate.


As we all know, lower-priced lithium iron phosphate has had limitations in energy density and low-temperature charge and discharge performance. Therefore, most batteries on the market that reach 4C or higher charging rates are made of more expensive ternary lithium materials. . Shenxing Super Chargeable Battery focuses on the nature of electrochemistry and carries out all-round innovation in materials, material systems, system structures, etc., breaking through the upper limit of materials and becoming the world's first battery to achieve 4C super chargeable on lithium iron phosphate. It can last 400 hours after charging for 10 minutes. kilometers, and can travel more than 700 kilometers on a single full charge. It has both high energy density and high safety level. The significance it brings to the entire electric vehicle industry is to make super chargeable "enjoyable by everyone" and "available for every car."


CATL shenxing super chargeable battery

Since the beginning of this year, price wars have been raging in the automobile market. Power batteries, which account for nearly 40% of the total vehicle cost, have become a battleground for military strategists. Controlling the cost of power batteries means that lifepo4 has gained a trump card in terms of price, and lifepo4 has an advantage in raw material costs. The advantages of battery are slowly being discovered, and its total installed vehicle volume is on the rise. However, from the perspective of mass consumers, the price drop of electric vehicles is far from enough. Whether their convenience and security in terms of energy replenishment and mileage can match those of fuel vehicles often becomes the last bargaining chip in car purchase decisions.


Therefore, improving battery performance while reducing usage costs through technological breakthroughs is not only the best solution to resolve price wars and users' energy replenishment anxiety, but can also help high-quality development of the industry and create a healthy development ecosystem for the automotive industry. Against this background, a new round of battery revolution is imperative. The shenxing super chargeable battery broke through the limits of lithium iron phosphate materials and focused on technological equality. It pioneered ultra-fast charging, high energy density and high completeness, and was enthusiastically welcomed by the market as soon as it was released.


At present, the market share of CATL battery is rising. On December 11, data released by the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance showed that CATL’s domestic power battery installed volume in November was 19.7 GWh, with a market share of 43.91%, ranking first. Among them, the installed volume of ternary batteries It is 9.07 GWh, with a market share close to 60% in China. The installed volume of lifepo4 battery is 10.63 GWh, with a market share of 36.52%, ranking first. In the future, with the mass production of shenxing super chargeable battery, the installed volume and market share of lifepo4 battery will gain room for growth.

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