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Deye brings a variety of new products to support the European photovoltaic energy storage industry

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Deye brings a variety of new products to support the European photovoltaic energy storage industry

The 2023 InterSolar Europe 2023 in Munich, Germany, came to a successful conclusion. During the three days of the exhibition, Deye demonstrated its strong R&D capabilities and precise insights into market demand in photovoltaic energy storage products for residential and industrial and commercial scenarios. The European optical storage market still has full potential in the future, and Deye is confident that it will continue to provide users with an excellent sustainable energy experience with products that have many practical functions, strong expansion capabilities, and high safety and stability




During the exhibition, Deye displayed its mature and iterative low-voltage energy storage series products, micro-inverter series products, integrated optical storage and charging machines, high-power segment energy storage products for industrial and commercial use, as well as low-voltage and high-voltage batteries, and integrated products for industrial and commercial use. It attracted strong interest from exhibition visitors from all over the world, and the booth was crowded.


Household low voltage energy storage series


This series of products was developed and put into the market early and has been continuously iterated to this day. The technology is mature. It includes rare three-phase low-voltage deye hybrid inverter that support 100% three-phase unbalanced output, and the output power of each phase can reach 50% of the rated output power. It is very suitable. In three-phase household markets such as Germany. This series of products can be combined with low-voltage batteries to form an energy storage system. It is more cost-effective and safer than high-voltage energy storage systems. It has stronger parallel expansion capabilities and a shorter investment return cycle.



Industrial and commercial 50kW energy storage series


This series of products attracted much attention at the exhibition due to its powerful parallel expansion capabilities and three-phase unbalanced output function. Supports more load application scenarios and has strong load support capabilities.




Industrial and commercial microgrid integrated product MS-G230 (100kW/230kWh) series


Deye continues to innovate and make breakthroughs in integrated energy storage products. At this exhibition, heavyweight integrated products newly launched in 2023 were exhibited. This series of products covers an area of only 1.7 square meters, has a built-in EMS converter and BMS, is environmentally friendly and energy-saving in design, and supports black start function. Intelligent temperature control design, the battery operating temperature can be as low as 38°C. At the same time, it has powerful expansion functions and built-in aerosol fire extinguishing equipment, making it safer and more reliable.




High-voltage energy storage integrated machine GE-F60 (50kW/60kW) series


Based on the integrated design concept, this series of products integrates a 50kW high-voltage energy storage inverter for industrial and commercial use, and its maximum capacity can be expanded to 300kW/360kWh. This type of system-integrated all-in-one product is easier to install and more flexible in capacity expansion. The lowest operating temperature of this series of products can be as low as 40°C, supporting their use in extreme environments.


Faced with the problem of high industrial and commercial power demand, the SUN-110-G03 string inverter of deye inverter attracted the attention of customers present. It is one of the ideal choices for distributed industrial and commercial power stations. The inverter integrates 6 MPPT inputs, each MPPT input current can reach 40A, and has the characteristics of ultra-high conversion efficiency, extremely intelligent and safe, and simple operation and maintenance. It is perfectly adapted to large-size and high-power components to meet customers' high-capacity configurations. Comparable design requirements, minimize the cost of electricity, and provide optimal photovoltaic power station solutions for industrial and commercial scenarios.



Currently, Deye has provided high-quality products and services to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Deye will use this Intersolar exhibition to continue to provide high-quality optical storage products to the world, support the global energy transformation, and help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. 

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