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Geely releases new generation lfp short blade lifepo4 battery

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Geely releases new generation lfp short blade lifepo4 battery

Recently, Geely Automobile released its latest generation Short Blade Lifepo4 Battery - Aegis Short Blade Battery. The battery is self-developed and produced by Geely and will be put into production at Yaoning New Energy Factory. It is worth noting that in the slogan of Aegis Short Blade Battery, there are contents such as "long blade is not the optimal solution, short blade is the new generation; Lifepo4 Battery is the best form and optimal solution", which is a "tribute" to the first blade. BYD means battery.

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Judging from the content announced at the Aegis Short Blade Battery conference, the technical strength of this battery cannot be underestimated. The new lfp battery has achieved technological breakthroughs in terms of safety, cycle life, fast charging capability and low-temperature discharge performance. It is called a short blade battery, which is relative to a long blade battery. The length of the blade battery released by BYD in 2020 is 960mm. Since then, some battery companies have also released blade batteries with sizes smaller than 960mm, which can be collectively referred to as short blade batteries.


The Aegis Short Blade Battery is 580 mm in length, which is 380 mm shorter than the long blade battery’s length of 960 mm. In terms of battery thickness, the Aegis Short Blade Battery is 18.2 mm, and the long blade battery is 13.5 mm thick. According to Geely's press conference, the short blade battery can be designed in a shorter and more compact size to achieve higher safety and further improve the flexibility of the entire package layout. The energy density of the Aegis Short Blade Battery unit is 192Wh/kg. As lfp battery, this data is quite excellent. The first-generation blade battery currently used by BYD has an energy density of 140-150Wh/kg.


In terms of safety, Geely announced on-site the safety test results of the Aegis Short Blade Battery at the New Energy Inspection Center of the China Automotive Industry Center. The test items include battery core acupuncture, battery pack seawater corrosion immersion, battery pack being dropped and hit hard on three sides, and battery pack external Fire, vehicle negative sill impact test, vehicle forward bottom scraping test, vehicle rear bottom scraping test, vehicle bottom scraping test, etc. All safety test items have passed and are significantly better than national standards.

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What is particularly noteworthy is that the Aegis Short Blade Battery also passed the 8-needle simultaneous puncture test of the China Automotive Industry Center: 8 steel needles with a diameter of 5mm were pierced at the same time and left undisturbed for 1 hour. The battery cell did not smoke, fire, or explode. In addition, the Aegis Short Blade Battery battery passed the 5.8mm real bullet penetration test for the first time in the world. A 5.8mm automatic rifle bullet penetrated the battery at a speed of 920m/s, causing explosive damage with a wound diameter of ≥60mm. No fire or explosion.


In terms of battery life, according to calculations, the cycle life of Aegis Short Blade Battery can reach 3,500 cycles, which is equivalent to a safe driving mileage of up to 1 million kilometers. In terms of fast charging capability and low temperature. Test data released by Geely shows that under the same battery capacity, the long blade battery takes 26 minutes to charge 10~80% SOC, with an average charging rate of 1.61C; while the Aegis Short Blade Battery 10~80% SOC charging time is 17 minutes and 4 seconds, with an average charging rate of 1.61C. The charging rate can reach 2.45C.


In extremely cold environments, Aegis Short Blade Battery also has stronger discharge capacity and longer cruising range than long blade batteries. Even when the ambient temperature is -30°C, the capacity retention rate of the long blade battery is 78.96%, and the capacity retention rate of the Aegis Short Blade Battery can still reach 90.54%. The release of Geely's new generation blade battery is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry. It not only improves the performance and safety of electric vehicles, but also sets a new benchmark for the entire industry. We also expect the industry to truly shift from roll prices to roll technology.

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