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The future of the top ten global power lithium battery companies in China accounted for 70%

The top ten global power battery companies, China will have six to seven

"I think there will be about ten global power battery manufacturers in the future, six to seven of which will be Chinese companies." On May 23, Dr. Yang Xiaowei, executive vice president of Thornton New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. told the first electric network that after the rapid development of Chinese battery enterprises in recent years, they can already be compared with international advanced enterprises in many aspects, and have unique advantages under the "new four" of automobile, and local enterprises have their own confidence.

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When talking about the issue of Japanese and Korean enterprises entering the "white list" for the first time, Yang Xiaowei told the first electric network that the nature of the "white list" is the industry self-regulation white list in accordance with the principle of self-regulation declaration and self-regulation constraints. The "self-regulation white list" is not linked to the announcement and subsidies, nor is it linked to the relevant access qualifications, and places more emphasis on self-restraint and self-improvement of battery enterprises.

"We should not look at the Japanese and Korean companies as so mysterious. It will not be a big threat to local battery companies because they entered the 'white list'. The market for electric vehicles is in China, and naturally the main battlefield for core components power batteries must also be in China. The development of new energy electric vehicles has become a national policy, from the Eleventh Five-Year Plan to the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, after more than ten years of development, China's reserves in power battery technology, talent, capacity scale, and the verification of the vehicle and market promotion, has been relatively adequate. In this huge industry opportunity period, China encourages national brand enterprises to become stronger and bigger, but also welcome foreign outstanding enterprises to compete on the same stage, but ultimately it is China's own brand, from the whole vehicle to the core components, will achieve 'overtaking the road'." Yang Xiaowei said.

Immediately after, he elaborated on his views on the development of the industry after the subsidies have been withdrawn. "I don't think Japanese and Korean companies will necessarily have an advantage after the subsidy policy is withdrawn in 2020. This year, the B- and C-sides of the terminal market are becoming more and more receptive, especially in an industrial environment like Shenzhen, where the trend of electrification is accelerating in the B-sides of the market, whether it is passenger transport or logistics. As the acceptance of the terminal market increases, the post-subsidy era will gradually and naturally transition. Now the logistics vehicle subsidy has dropped by 40%, and the market is still red-hot. In addition to the influence of right-of-way and other rigid policies, the new industry created by the combination of electrification, intelligence, networked and new logistics will bring great changes to the logistics industry. At the same time, the country is studying the healthy development of the electric vehicle industry through the 'double points policy'" and other positive guidance. In the post-subsidy era, the operation mode will be basically mature in each field of passenger transportation and logistics, and the market will enter the stage of scale development.

It is understood that Thornton New Energy mainly focuses on the ternary soft package route, products using VDA modules and new national standards, Thornton New Energy Xiangtan production base in the third phase of 4GWh project in the production commissioning, is expected to August this year, the company's overall production capacity will reach 8GWh. NCM523/622 products are in short supply. The production line of 8,000 tons of high nickel cathode material has already been equipped with production conditions. Based on the principle of "technology sharing, product sharing and channel sharing", and adhering to the concept of "equal business policy inside and outside, and better external customer service", Thornton New Energy is committed to become "an important driving force of the new energy vehicle industry revolution and energy revolution". We are committed to become "an important driving force of the new energy vehicle industry revolution and energy revolution".

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