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Gotion High-tech unveiled new products: All-solid-state, 5C fast charging, large cylindrical battery

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Gotion High-tech unveiled new products: All-solid-state, 5C fast charging, large cylindrical battery

Technological innovation promotes the development of high-quality production capacity.


Since the beginning of this year, high-performance batteries represented by supercharged, large cylindrical and solid-state batteries have made frequent new progress in industrialization, which is accelerating the iteration of the lithium battery industry chain in the direction of a better production structure.


At the 13th Science and Technology Conference, Gotion High-tech officially launched two new generation batteries, the "G-Current" 5C ultra-fast charging battery and the "Stellary" high-nickel ternary large cylindrical battery, and also introduced the company's first all-solid-state battery. “Gemstone” related technologies are introduced.

5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery

5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery: charging up to80%in just 9.8 minutes


First of all, based on the insight that "the essence of battery life anxiety is energy replenishment anxiety", Gotion High-tech launched the "G-Current" battery that supports 5C supercharging for the entire series. 5C means that it can replenish energy by 10%-80% in 9.8 minutes, replenish energy by 5%-90% in 15 minutes, and replenish energy by 0%-100% in 25 minutes. "Full series" means that it supports all-scenario applications such as pure electric and extended-range hybrid, and also covers multi battery systems such as lithium iron phosphate battery (lifepo4 battery), lithium iron manganese phosphate battery (LMFP battery) and ternary battery (NMC battery).


In terms of charging capacity, the "G-Current" iron-lithium battery pack has a maximum capacity of over 75kWh, which can achieve a range of more than 600km; the NMC battery pack has a capacity of over 100kWh, which can achieve a range of more than 800km.


Looking further, in terms of the cathode, "G-Current" mainly increases the compaction density of iron lithium to 2.65g/cc, increases the ternary voltage to 4.45V, and performs high-entropy doping and gradient packaging on the entire material. to achieve high stability and low impedance.


According to Dr. Cao Yong, deputy director of the General Institute of Engineering Research, the "G-Current" battery has outstanding performance in energy density, which can achieve an energy density of 190Wh/kg on a lithium-iron battery cell, and an energy density of 190Wh/kg on a NMC battery cell. It achieves an energy density of 255Wh/kg and has 5C fast charging capabilities. In terms of the negative electrode, "G-Current" is based on multi-component graphite material. By improving its gradient porosity, establishing a multi-dimensional superconducting network, improving binder distribution and peeling strength, it can achieve the effect of reducing the resistivity of the electrode sheet by 30%. .


In terms of auxiliary materials, "G-Current" also uses a low-viscosity composite electrolyte with a conductivity exceeding 12.4mS/cm, an ultra-thin composite coating separator with a 150% increase in liquid absorption capacity, etc., and minimally transforms the structure. Finally, A breakthrough in ultra-fast charging capabilities.


In terms of thermal management, Gotion uses a multi-sided cooling solution for ternary materials, which can increase the heat exchange area of a single cell by 200%; for iron-lithium materials, it uses a bottom cooling strategy, which can increase the volume utilization by 3%. In addition, combined with ceramic composite materials, high-voltage anti-arc, nano-heat insulation, etc., "G-Current" can achieve zero heat diffusion between cells.


In terms of industrialization progress, G-Current batteries are "mass-produced as soon as they are released", and the summer standard testing of complete vehicles has begun.

High-nickel NCM Stellary Battery: cutting costs by 50% for Integrated Manufacturing in Gen7 Plant


Aiming at the demand for high-performance batteries for D and E-class cars, Gotion High-tech launched the large cylindrical fast-charging battery "Stellary Battery" based on high-nickel ternary and 4695 large cylindrical structures.


The Stellary battery has a capacity of 33.6Ah, a mass energy density of 285Wh/kg, and a volume energy density of 775Wh/L. It can maintain 70% health status at room temperature for 2,500 cycles.


In terms of fast charging performance, the Stellar battery supports 4C fast charging, which can replenish energy from 10% to 70% in 9 minutes.


Specifically, the Stellar battery uses Gotion's self-developed second-generation silicon carbon material, which can achieve a gram capacity of 1800mAh/g (increased by 30%), a resistivity of 1Ωcm (reduced by 100 times), 92% first efficiency, and 35% full charge. expansion and 1200 cycles of monolithic cells.


Its innovation in ultra-fast electrolytes is reflected in a 60% increase in ionic conductivity, a 30% decrease in electrolyte viscosity, and a 20% decrease in interface impedance.


At the cell level, through the gradient pole piece design of the cell, the tortuosity can be reduced by 20% and the ion transmission path can be reduced by 30%; the new structural part design increases the space utilization by 6%, and can ultimately support 6C charging.


In addition to product research and development, Gotion High-tech's ability to vertically integrate manufacturing and supply chain also makes Stellary's products have obvious comprehensive advantages.


According to reports, Gotion High-tech’s seventh-generation Tongcheng factory has achieved um-level precision production; the production failure rate is strictly controlled at the ppb level, and COV is reduced by 50%. Through automated production, the factory has achieved a 37.5% reduction in labor costs per GWh; combined with the company's layout of vertical integration and recycling of materials, it has ultimately achieved a 50% reduction in manufacturing costs.


With the support of manufacturing and supply chain, Stellary batteries are expected to achieve mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, and will first supply foreign OEMs. In addition, Gotion High-tech also disclosed the latest progress of its lithium iron manganese phosphate Qichen battery: it is expected to achieve SOP at the Chuzhou factory in Q2 this year; the first batch of electric vehicles equipped with Qichen batteries will enter SOP in Q3.


Qichen Battery has obtained mass production appointments from 2 customers, and has sent samples to more than 15 customers and entered the testing stage.

all-solid-state battery

Gemstone batteries with all-solid-state technology: boasting an energy density up to 350Wh/kg


Gotion also introduced its technology selection and product layout in the all-solid-state battery field for the first time.

The three technological breakthroughs made by the Gotion High-tech all-solid-state battery team on the material side are mainly micro-nano solid electrolytes, ultra-thin film coated single crystal cathodes and three-dimensional mesoporous silicon anodes.


Gotion’s all-solid-state battery chooses the sulfide electrolyte route. Based on the micro-nano treatment of silver sulfide germanium ore type materials (D50 does not exceed 500nm), its electrolyte can achieve high conductivity exceeding 10mS/cm.


In addition, its ultra-thin film-coated single crystal cathode can achieve a specific capacity of 220mAh/g, and a three-dimensional mesoporous silicon anode has a specific capacity of 1500mAh/g.


Based on the above technology, Gotion High-tech launches the first all-solid-state battery product "Gemstone Battery". Among them, the 30Ah all-solid-state battery can achieve a mass energy density of 350Wh/kg, a volume energy density of 800Wh/L, and the battery system can cycle more than 3,000 times.


The related PACK can achieve a mass assembly rate of 80%, a system energy density of 280Wh/kg, and supports a single charge of 1,000KM. This means that the company has achieved a breakthrough from mold battery to car-grade battery cell manufacturing.


At present, Gemstone batteries have passed the 200-degree hot box test at one time, and their safety far exceeds the national standard requirements.


According to Pan Ruijun, chief engineer of the solid-state battery project, under a relatively conservative timeline, Gotion all-solid-state batteries are expected to conduct small batch on-board trials in 2027; when the industrial chain is established, it is expected to target 350Wh/kg full-scale batteries in 2030. Solid state for mass production.

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