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Headway 38120S LiFePO4 cell Daly BMS Chargers and DC 12V 0.8A fans to USA

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Headway 38120S LiFePO4 cell Daly BMS Chargers and DC 12V 0.8A fans to USA

Recently our American customer purchased 80pcs Headway 38120S 3.2V 10Ah LiFePO4 Battery10pcs Daly BMS 4S 12V 30A with Bluetooth,12V5A chargers and 10pcs DC 12V0.8A fans.

headway 38120S 10Ah

At beginning,we received the inquiry on our Amazon store.
These product will be used for educational purposes at a college.  
The students will assemble the 12 V battery, including the BMS for it. After using the battery students will disassemble the battery so it can be reassembled by other students. 
Our customer planed to purchase one test kit, including a BMS. 
The purpose is to teach students about BMS.  They have not selected a device to provide load.  The original plan was to use e-bikes (uncommon in US currently compared to China).  
However the client thinks that 50+V and the higher capacity are unnecessary dangerous when the objective is to learn about BMS.  
So we suggested DC fan as load to our customer because it is safety and cost effective.

38120S 10Ah and charger

daly BMS and fans

We packed the batteries into cartons protected with sponge. 

The cargos are shipped by air via DHL and it only costed 7 days to arrive.

tracking for 38120S 10Ah

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