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Types of power lithium batteries

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Types of power lithium batteries

Types of power lithium batteries?

Among the power lithium batteries, the most popular key power lithium batteries in the current sales market are lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium manganate batteries, lithium cobalt oxide batteries and ternary lithium-ion batteries. Tesla's recent spontaneous combustion incident is the most concerned. The power lithium battery it uses is the ternary lithium battery, which has the best characteristics, but its safety factor is not stable.

1. Lithium iron phosphate power lithium battery: Like a star product of BYD Auto, it has good reliability and long service life, especially suitable for plug-in hybrid cars that need to be frequently charged and discharged, but the defect is that the specific energy is average.

2. Lithium cobalt oxide power lithium battery: As the originator of lithium battery, Tesla Roadster first selected this rechargeable battery, but because of its short cycle system cycle and poor safety factor, it has been proved that it is not suitable for lithium battery applications. To make up for this shortcoming, Tesla has chosen the world's best lithium battery intelligent management system to ensure the reliability of rechargeable batteries. At this stage, lithium cobalt oxide batteries have a high market share in the 3C industry.

3. Lithium manganate power lithium battery: Lithium manganate battery means that the car series is Nissan Leaf because its price is low, the specific energy is moderate, the safety factor is also general, and it also has a good comprehensive performance. Because of this tepid feature, it is precise that new technology applications are slowly replacing it.

4, ternary lithium power lithium battery: As a rising rookie, the specific energy is the largest, but the safety factor is relatively poor. For pure electric vehicles with mileage requirements, their development prospects are broader, and they are the popular development prospects of lithium batteries at this stage.

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