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REPT releases 345Ah energy storage large battery cells

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REPT releases 345Ah energy storage large battery cells

On November 24th, the Haisi Zero Carbon City Industry Cooperation Qingshan Conference and REPT Green Technology Day were held in Wenzhou. At this conference, REPT showcased its latest achievements in cutting-edge technology -345Ah energy storage cells and 5.5MWh energy storage battery systems, providing an important platform for professional exchanges and cooperation within the industry to showcase new technologies, products, and achievements.



On Green Technology Day, REPT demonstrated two important breakthroughs in its leading new energy field: the Wending 345Ah battery cell and the 5.5MWh energy storage battery system.


The actual capacity of the Wending 345Ah energy storage battery cell released this time exceeds 350Ah, with an energy upgrade to 1.12 kWh and a volumetric energy density upgrade to 435Wh/L. The energy efficiency reaches 96.2%, achieving a 10000 cycle life and a 20 year calendar life.


The 5.5MWh energy storage battery system achieves a comprehensive upgrade with the advantages of minimalist modules, smaller size, easier integration, standard size, increased strength, pre-installed and pre-adjusted, step-by-step fully parallel pipeline system and temperature uniformity control.


The release of the 345Ah energy storage battery marks that REPT has once again refreshed its energy storage battery product capacity to a new height.


Compared with 280Ah, the capacity of 345Ah has been increased by 23%, reaching more than 350Ah, and the energy is increased to 1.12kWh. This high-capacity design means more energy storage and higher energy conversion efficiency, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, thus supporting the new energy industry to move towards more efficient and environmentally friendly goals.


In addition, the energy density of the 345Ah lifepo4 battery cell has increased to 435Wh/L, ensuring that more electricity can be stored in the same volume, which is crucial to improving the overall efficiency of the energy storage system. In terms of durability, the new battery cell shows excellent cycle life, achieving a long cycle life of 10,000 cycles and a calendar life of 20 years, while maintaining at least 70% of the final battery life. This performance improvement not only extends the effective life of the battery cells, but also reduces the cost and complexity of long-term maintenance. At the same time, it reduces the need for battery cell replacement and reduces overall carbon emissions.


345Ah lifepo4 energy storage large battery cells

A further improvement is that the volume expansion rate is reduced by 4.5% during long-term operation, which ensures the safety and reliability of the battery core under intense or extreme use conditions. The improvement of its energy efficiency to 96.2% further reduces the loss of energy during the conversion process and enhances the overall energy efficiency of the system.


Another new product, the 5.5MWh energy storage battery system has taken a major step in the design. It adopts a simpler module design, is more compact in size, easy to integrate, and meets standardized size requirements. The system is reinforced for strength and comes with pre-assembled and pre-adjusted features, ensuring greater operating efficiency and ease of use. In addition, the system adopts advanced fully parallel piping system and uniform temperature control technology. These innovations not only optimize energy management and distribution, but also improve overall performance and reliability.


On the market, more than 20 domestic battery manufacturers, including CATL, CALB, EVE, Gotion, REPT, Sunwoda, and Svolt, have launched energy storage battery products with capacities of 300Ah and above. Among them, the battery capacity of Yiwei Lithium Energy and Vision has exceeded 500Ah. It is worth mentioning that there are more than 20 battery manufacturers that have officially announced large-capacity batteries as soon as possible, but only a few such as REPT have achieved mass production and delivery.


REPT's independently developed innovative top-notch technology achieves a new balance of high energy density, fast charging, and high power. In the power field, the application of top-top technology can provide customers with a dual-optimal solution of "high safety + long battery life". In the field of energy storage, it can realize the synergistic effect of electricity and energy storage, provide sustainable low-carbon comprehensive energy solutions, and redefine new energy battery technology.

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