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92pcs 3.2V 40Ah Sinopoly battery shipped to the USA

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92pcs 3.2V 40Ah Sinopoly battery shipped to the USA

One of our new customers from the USA purchased 92pcs Sinopoly Battery 3.2V 40Ah SP-LFP-40AHA(A) cells to replace a Plug-In Prius conversion battery pack. The customer used Calb 40AH SE40AHA cells before, but this cell was discontinued many years ago, so we recommend Sinopoly 40Ah battery cell, which is similar in size to this battery, as a replacement. In this way, customer does not need to redesign the battery system and only needs to replace the cells in the battery pack.


Specification-3.2V 40Ah

This 3.2V 40Ah lifepo4 battery is a power cell manufactured by Sinopoly with a maximum discharge of 3C 120A and is widely used in EV projects. The battery has very good consistency, we tested the batteries before shipment.

Please refer to the test report below.

Test Report


Regarding the shipment, 92pcs lifepo4 batteries are packed in 3 Plywood cases with total gross weight of 166kg.

The customer wanted us to provide door-to-door delivery service. In order to ensure the safety of the shipment, we suggested the customer to choose a transportation solution that combines sea freight and truck delivery, which can be shipped in packages of plywood cases and greatly reduce the possibility of the batteries being damaged in transit. Specifically, the batteries were shipped by sea from Hong Kong to the US, and then the freight forwarder booked a local truck to deliver them to the customer's address, which took about 50 days in total.

Shipment details:

92pcs 3.2V 40Ah cells

Tracking information:

Tracking info.

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