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SVOLT joint venture energy storage PACK line started

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SVOLT joint venture energy storage PACK line started

Recently, the commencement ceremony of Longjing SVOLT Energy Storage Battery Module PACK and System Integration Joint Venture Project was held in Longjing Intelligent Environmental Protection Industrial Park, which was jointly funded by Longjing Environmental Protection and SVOLT.


It is reported that Longjing Environmental Protection is a listed company in China's atmospheric environmental protection industry, and completed the equity change in May last year. At present, the company's largest shareholder is Zijin Mining.


The cooperation between Longjing Environmental Protection and SVOLT is the first cross-border energy storage field of Longjing Environmental Protection. In the future, Longjing Environmental Protection will gradually form a complete product technology chain from cell to energy storage system, and carry out energy storage industry chain business.


The first phase of the project is expected to build a 2GWh energy storage PACK and system integration production base. After the project is launched, it can be compatible with the current mainstream energy storage cell models on the market, with a high degree of intelligence and an automation rate of more than 80%. The investment and construction of the second phase of 3Wh energy storage module PACK production project will be launched in due time according to the project construction, resource allocation and market demand.


As for SVOLT, its cost can be reduced by more than 10% at the PACK level by virtue of the advantages of self-developed large-capacity cell. This strong cooperation with Longjing Environmental Protection will further reduce the manufacturing cost of SVOLT. Reviewing the layout of SVOLT in energy storage, from cell to product, can be described as step by step.


In December last year, SVOLT announced on the third battery day the L5 special laminated battery cell for energy storage, with a single capacity of 325Ah, a conventional cycle life of 8000 times, and a long cycle life of 12000 times.


Not only that, SVOLT has also developed 222Ah large-capacity batteries, 33Ah, 50Ah, 65Ah lifepo4 battery soft pack batteries, N21700CM cylindrical cells, N21700Mx cobalt-free cylindrical cells and 106Ah lifepo4 prismatic cells with different capacities.


It is worth mentioning that SVOLT has completed the layout of "large, medium and small" series of energy storage products based on the research and development of cells with different capacities, which can be widely used in energy storage fields such as power side, industrial and commercial side and household side.


Specifically, in terms of large energy storage, SVOLT mainly distributes energy storage containers, unit energy storage and other products on the power side and industrial and commercial side, which are widely used in large wind power stations, substations, large industrial and commercial parks, and storage and charging power stations, and supports 500KWh-10MWh multi-scenario applications, AC, DC coupling and parallel connection, and the mixing of new and old batteries.


In terms of intermediate storage, SVOLT's integrated unit energy storage product, which integrates battery, BMS, PCS, EMS, air conditioning and fire protection systems, can realize block-type overlap, support 10 devices in parallel, and meet 2-6 hours of application requirements


SVOLT energy storage integrated energy storage system can be widely used in small industrial and commercial, hospital buildings, charging stations, household electricity and other occasions. It has the functions of peak shaving and valley filling, combined new energy power generation, dynamic capacity increase, demand management, power quality management, emergency power reserve and so on.


In the field of small storage, SVOLT brings distributed, stacked household energy storage and portable energy storage products, which can meet the needs of household emergency power, daily standby power and travel power.


The product resonates with the market. SVOLT has previously participated in and completed many projects such as three-dimensional energy storage at the user side in Guangdong, energy storage in industrial and commercial units in Jiangsu Province, 50MW agricultural and optical complementation in Tengzhou, and 400MWh energy storage in Awati, Xinjiang.


The cooperation between SVOLT and Longjing Environmental Protection will extend the development of Zijin Mining's mine scenery distribution and storage project by virtue of the equity relationship between Longjing Environmental Protection and Zijin Mining, and focus on energy storage projects on the power generation side, grid side and user side.


The automation rate of the PACK production line of SVOLT joint venture is as high as 80%, or the latest intelligent production line layout after Dr. Octopus.


At present, under the double-carbon target and the new round of lithium battery expansion, lifepo4 battery intelligent manufacturing has become the trend of the times. In terms of energy storage, intelligent manufacturing has not yet "gained momentum". SVOLT's early layout may lead to a new round of innovation in the energy storage industry.

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