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700Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 Battery Cells and BMS For lead-acid battery Replacement on a Sailboat

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700Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 Battery Cells and BMS For lead-acid battery Replacement on a Sailboat

Our customer from Malaysia recently made a purchase of 4pcs Winston 700ah TSWB LYP700AHA  LiFeYPO4 batteries and 1 set of BMS8P300A BMS from us. 

We are pleased to have received this order, as the client was referred to us by one of our loyal customers who had previously purchased a lithium battery from our company. The purpose of these batteries is to replace the existing acid battery on a sailboat.

winston 700ah lifeypo4 battery details

*Parameters of TSWB-LYP700AHA 700ah LiFeYPO4 Battery Cells

Currently, the sailboat accommodates 4 units of deep cycle batteries with a capacity of 200Ah each. These batteries fit into a compartment measuring 680mm in length and 850mm in width. According to the boat manual, the minimum requirement is 4 units of 140 Ah batteries. However, due to the installation of numerous new electrical equipment on the boat, the power requirement has exceeded the capacity of the 140 Ah batteries.

The sailboat operates on a 12V battery system, and the original power requirement was calculated as 140 Ah multiplied by 4 units, resulting in a total of 560 Ah. However, our customer recognized the need for a higher capacity battery given the increased electrical consumption on the boat. They expressed their intention to utilize the storage space designated for the service battery, which has dimensions of 680mm in length, 850mm in width, and a depth of approximately 220mm.

700ah winston lifeypo4 battery cells

To optimize the power capacity and make the most of the available space, our customer decided to purchase 4pcs Winston700ah batteries. With each battery having a capacity of 700 Ah, the total capacity of the new battery setup will be 2800 Ah (700 Ah x 4). This upgrade will provide a significant boost in power supply and effectively address the higher electrical demands on the sailboat.

This is the customer feedback battery installation diagram

*This is the customer feedback battery installation diagram

Additionally, to ensure efficient management and protection of the battery system, our customer also acquired 1 piece of BMS8P300A BMS. This Battery Management System will monitor and balance the charging and discharging processes, safeguarding the batteries from overcharging, over-discharging, and other potential risks.

We are confident that the combination of the 4pcs Winston700ah batteries and the BMS8P300A will enhance the sailboat's power capabilities and provide a reliable and durable energy solution. We appreciate our customer's trust in our products and are committed to delivering high-quality batteries that meet their specific requirements.

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