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EVE 3.2V 32AH LF32 battery lithium lifepo4 battery cell

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: eve
Certification: CE
Model Number: LF32
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Retail Price:
Wholesale Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: cartons or plywoods
Payment Terms: T/T
Nominal Capacity: 32Ah Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Internal Impedence: Operating Votage:
Dimension: Battery Weight:

Product Description

eve 32Ah battery eve 32Ah battery

EVE New Product 3.2V 32Ah LF32 Prismatic Aluminum-clad LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Power Battery Cell For Energy Storage System, EV, DIY LiFePO4 Battery Pack

EVE LF32 Features

Intelligent factory design, high-performance consistency.

Square aluminum shell structure, high precision explosion-proof valve, high safety performance.
Low internal resistance, high discharge rate, and stable discharge platform.
Long cycle life, capacity retention rate over 80% after ≥3500 cycle at 1C/1C.
Green environmental protection


Battery Brand: EVE
Battery Model: LF32
Min. Capacity: 32Ah
Energy: 102.4Wh
Initial internal resistance: ≤1.5mΩ
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Charging Cut-off Voltage: 3.65V
Discharging Cut-off Voltage:2.5V (T>0℃), 2.0V (T≤0℃)
Standard Charge/Discharge Current: 0.5C
Max. Constant Charge/discharge Current: 1C
Recommend SOC window: 10%~90% 
Cycle life at 25℃: ≥3500 cycle @1C/1C
Size: 148.3(W)±0.5*26.7±0.5(T)*94.3±0.5(H)mm
Weight: 725±50g


details of LF32 details of LF32

Electrical Performance Diagram

Rate discharge curve at 25℃

Rate discharge curve at 25℃

Discharge curves at different temperature

Discharge curves at different temperature

eve 32Ah battery

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