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What should I do if the battery cell of the lithium battery pack is unbalanced?

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What should I do if the battery cell of the lithium battery pack is unbalanced?

Lithium battery pack is composed of many cells in series and in parallel. In the process of use, some people will encounter the imbalance of power between the battery cells. If it is not handled in time, it will accelerate the consumption of the entire service life of the lithium battery pack.


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What can be done to solve the imbalance of lithium ion battery 

power and restore it to normal?


1. First charge the entire battery pack, and float charge for 2-3 hours after turning the lamp. If the battery pack has been placed for a long time without power, it can no longer be charged. It can be charged directly across the protective plate for 10 minutes (using the discharge port for charging), and then charged normally.


2. Unplug the flat cable of the protection board. Before unplugging, please make a mark. The flat cable of the board with two flat cables cannot be inserted reversely. Measure the voltage of adjacent pins on the flat cable. If it is 48V, there are 16 voltages, and 60V is 20 voltages. The first voltage at the beginning of the negative pole is the voltage from the negative pole of the battery pack to the first flat wire, and so on. Find out the single string with voltage lower than 3.50V, judge the positive and negative poles, and make marks.


3. Use a 3.6v charger to charge a single string with a voltage lower than 3.50v to 3.60 to 3.70V. However, someone should be on duty to prevent the battery from being scrapped due to overcharging.


4. Plug back the flat cable in the original order, and be careful not to reverse the connection. After installing the battery, it can be put into use.


Finally, I will teach you some methods for maintaining lithium ion batteries. Due to the memoryless characteristics of lithium ion batteries, the lithium battery pack should be regularly charged every time or every day after riding; If the lithium bicycle is placed for more than two months, the battery pack should be fully charged; If it is placed for more than 5 months, a charging and discharging cycle shall be conducted; When the lithium battery bicycle is not in use, the power should be turned off in time, or the battery pack should be pulled out of the battery holder and replaced. Because the motor and controller will still consume power in the no-load state.

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