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Second-generation lithium battery for industrial vehicles

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Second-generation lithium battery for industrial vehicles

Demand pain points of lead-acid battery users:

It does not support fast charging, long charging time

Short battery cycle life, fast decay, and short warranty time

The waste is highly toxic and seriously pollutes the environment

Regular maintenance work such as adding water is required, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive


The demand pain points of the first generation of lead-acid to lithium battery users:

The price is high, and the price is more than 2.5 times the price of lead-acid batteries

It is not compatible with the original car charger. For users whose slow charging can meet the requirements of working conditions, purchasing a new charger is an unnecessary investment.

It is not compatible with the original car instrument, and the new device must be re-wired

The counterweight and the battery are integrated, the space utilization is low, and the high-density steel plate is required for the balance, which is high in cost.

A wide variety of models, high degree of customization, difficult to control the quality


The second-generation lead-acid change to lithium battery, these are not problems.


1. Standard box design:

The use of high volume density lithium batteries and a highly integrated design of the battery control unit (BCU) leave enough space for the weight part, reduce the density of the weight material, and save the cost of the weight.

The counterweight box is put in once for permanent use, and the standard package can be replaced in order.

Standardized design, standardized production, and standardized processes can produce standardized, high-quality products.


2. Compatible with the original car instrument

The original car's electricity meter can still be used, and the display error is less than 5%; simultaneously, the standard box is equipped with a new meter that displays the percentage of electricity and the time of use.


3. Compatible with lead-acid chargers

The original lead-acid battery charger can still be used, and the charging time is shortened by 25% to meet the desired battery life. If there is a need for fast charging, a fast-charging charger can also be selected.


4. Multiple functions

ST full range of standard heating system; standard remote monitoring system; separate design of "electricity" and "control," highly integrated, simplified accessories, and convenient after-sales;

Normal automatic sleep function to avoid battery over-discharge


5. Security

The background can monitor the battery status in real-time;

The full range of standard aerosol fire extinguishing devices,

Can effectively respond to emergencies;

PICC P&C underwrites the battery pack

The second-generation lead-acid change to lithium battery, these are not problems.

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