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EVE 1P12S 36V 38.4V 280Ah LiFePO4 Battery Module For ESS

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVE
Certification: CE
Model Number: BM-12-38.4-280
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Retail Price: /
Wholesale Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: cartons or plywoods
Payment Terms: T/T
Nominal Capacity: 280Ah Nominal Voltage: 38.4V, 1P12S
Internal Impedence: / Operating Votage: /
Dimension: L913.6×W173.5×H213.9mm Battery Weight: 67±2Kg

Product Description

EVE 1P12S 36V 38.4V 280Ah LiFePO4 Battery Module For ESS

The BM-12-38.4/280 eve battery module is consisted of 12pcs eve LF280K battery  in series,andintegrated with acquisition wires to collect voltage and temperature inside.

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Parameters of 280ah lifepo4 battery Cell:



Cell type


Cell specification


Minimum capacity

280Ah, 0.5C, 25±2℃, 2.5-3.65V

Minimum energy

896Wh, 0.5C, 25±2℃, 2.5-3.65V

Initial internal resistance

≤0.25mΩ, AC, 1kHz, 40%SOC

Nominal voltage

3.2V, 0.5C, 2.5-3.65V



Charge cut-off voltage (Umax.)


Discharge cut-off voltage (Umin.)

2.5V (>0℃), 2.0V(≤0℃)

Parameters of Battery Module:









Nominal Capacity

280Ah, 0.5P,25±2℃,30-43.8V

Nominal Voltage

38.4V, 1P12S

Cell specification


AC internal resistance

≤4mΩ, AC1KHz

Insulation internal resistance

≥550MΩ, 1000V DC

Standard charge discharge current/power

0.5C/P2, 25±2℃,2.5-3.65V

Battery module charge cut-off voltage (max.)

43.8V, 25±2℃,12×3.65V

Battery module discharge cut-of voltage(min.)

30V, 25±2℃,12×2.5V

Maximum current of charge

1C, High C rate @25±2℃, 30s

Maximum current of discharge

1C, High C rate @25±2℃, 30s

Charge/discharge mode

constant power/current

Operating temperature




Storage temperature

-20℃ ~ 45℃; ≤1month

0℃~35℃, ≤1 year

Storage humidity, <70RH(no condensation)





EVE 280Ah 38.4V 1P12S BM-12-38.4-280 LiFePO4 battery model dimension

    The appearance and dimension of BM-12-38.4/280



Product Instructions:

a. The battery module can be used alone or multiple in series. When connecting in series, pay attention to the correct connection of the positive and negative terminals, otherwise, it may lead to damages or safety hazards. 

b. Battery module used in series must be charged or discharged at the same time to keep the consistency of cells. 

c. The battery module must be operated within the specified charge conditions. Overcharging will lead to the electrical performance, mechanical performance, and safety performance to be decreased. 

d. The battery module must be operated within the specified discharge conditions. Overdischarge will lead sharp decrease in the battery capacity and overheat the battery, resulting in battery damage or safety hazards. 

e. The battery module must be operated within the specified environment conditions, since too high or too low ambient temperature will affect the performance of cells.

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