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3.2V 138Ah BYD Blade Lithium iron phosphate Lifepo4 Battery Cell

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BYD
Certification: CE
Model Number: /
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Retail Price: /
Wholesale Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: cartons or plywoods
Payment Terms: T/T
Nominal Capacity: 138Ah Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Internal Impedence: / Operating Votage: /
Dimension: 960(L)*13.5(T)*90(W)mm Battery Weight: 2.63 ± 0.1Kg

Product Description

3.2V 138Ah BYD Blade Lithium ironphosphate Lifepo4 Battery Cell 

byd blade battery  byd lifepo4 battery

BYD Blade battery is made of lithium iron phosphate as cathode material; Excellent safety features and long cycle life; Good temperature performance, wide operating temperature range, high energy density, and is environment friendly.

  • Innovative structure, good thermal stability, higher safety performance than the traditional battery; in the case of high temperature, overcharge, extrusion, acupuncture, etc., the probability of hot cell is reduced, effectively improving safety.

  • The energy density per unit volume is one-third higher than that of traditional batteries, which brings better spatial performance for new energy;

  • Light battery weight, corresponding to overcoming the weight consumption of energy reduction, improves battery life;

  • Material cost performance ratio advantage is obvious.

Whether powering your home or business, the BYD LiFePO4 Blade Battery 3.2V 138Ah is an excellent choice for reliable energy that lasts, giving you greater peace of mind knowing your system isn't going to quit at the worst possible time.  With BYD's high standards for quality assurance and testing of their products, you can rest assured that when you choose this model, you're getting a dependable product from a trusted name in battery power solutions worldwide!




Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Charging Method


Charge Current

Standard charging current: 0.2C

Max. continuous charging current: 1.5C@ 23℃

Charging cut-off voltage


Discharge Current

Standard discharging current: 0.2C

Max. discharging current: 2C

Discharging cut-off voltage



30s, 1.5C, 3.0±0.2mΩ

Working Temperature

Charge: -10~+50℃, Discharge: -20~+55℃

Storage Temperature

-10~30℃ (<1year, SOC: 30%~60%)

Shipping Status

Voltage: 2.5-4.35V, SOC:25%~50%

Cycle Life

≥4000 times




2.63 ± 0.1Kg


byd blade battery

*The original BYD 138Ah LiFePO4 battery cells do not have screws; instead, we offer M6 studs with laser welding on the terminals to facilitate convenient connections.

details of byd blade battery

dimensions of byd blade battery

Now, we have lots of BYD 138Ah Blade LiFePO4 cells available in our inventory, located in California, USA.

If you require these cells, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to assist with your needs!

byd 138ah blade battery in stock

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